Q: Are there bears? Will they eat our food or us?

Answer: Yes there are Bears in the north woods of Maine... BUT, they have many thousands of acres to roam, are not familar with people and run away when they get wind, sight, hear or otherwise detect humans. They are not an issue 99.9% of the time on most of the trips we run.

Q: What should we bring?

Q: Where do we stay the night before / after the trip?

Q: How do we get to your base camp?

Answers: Upon reciept of your trip application you will receive your trip confirmation packet with attachments that include: * What to bring (personal wannagan), *Places to stay in Greenville (if trip leaves from our base camp), *Directions to our basecamp (usually meet at 7:00am), *Medical form, *Release of claims form, *Reccomended reading (about your trip)

Q: Do you have dry bags we can use?

Answer: YES, come by our basecamp when you arrive in Greenville to pick up your drybag so you can pack it that evening before your trip goes out.

Q: Do you provide the toilet paper, and do we have toilets out there?

Answer: Yes, we provide TP but maybe bring just a little of your own along too. And yes, most trips we guide have outhouse pit toilets or at least the pit with a good seat.

Q: Are there showers out there on the river and what's the water temperature of the river / lake?

Answer: No showers but sometimes rain showers, just lots of water to wash up in, biodegradable soap only. Temperature of the lakes and rivers depends on the season and recent weather. 50s in May and October, 60s in June and September, 70s in July and August...sometimes!

Q: How do we get drinking water?

Answer: We supply the drinking water, we carry along bbig water jugs and resupply from springs along the way or we use our big gravity water filter from the water in the lakes or river.

More Q & A Coming soon...